Project Updates: August

Each month I plan on giving a bit of an overview on the various projects I’ve got my hand in. So here’s the August installment.


Adregate is the ad management and ad serving solution that Kyle Neath and I are developing. We got sick of there not being any real way for the majority of website publishers to manage the ads they run on their site. Adregate will provide them a way to manage their ads as well as provide them with tools to help sell ad space on their site.

Right now we’re working towards pushing out the first round of private betas. I hope to be using Adregate to manage the ads on a few of my sites within the next 2-3 weeks. We’re really excited with how things are going and some cool new things that we really feel will change how people sell ads.


Arcaplay is a fun project of mine to try and bring something new to the table of free online gaming. There really are probably a hundreds of thousands of free online game sites out there and at the core of this, there’s not much different…it’s a place to play games, for free. But some really cool features I’ve added are the ability to tag games yourself, rate them, add them to a group of favorites, and get the code to drop the games into your own website or blog.

I’m currently working on the next version of Arcaplay that will improve on the current features and add a few new ones. One major new feature will be a “Friends” area where you can see what games your friends like and get recommendations based on what your friends have enjoyed recently.

I’m also recoding every bit of code (css, xhtml, php, javascript) from scratch.

Here’s a sneak peak at the new design as well:
Arcaplay Preview


About a month ago I acquired ColourMod. I’ve always love the CM widgets and when the opportunity was presented to buy it, I had to take it.

The widgets themselves will still be developed, but the immediate concentration is to develop the site itself further.

The two major changes thus far are the addition of the ColourMod Galleria and a shopping feature for the products.

The Galleria is a place to showcase and comment on great use of color in design.

The shop is simply a better solution for handling the purchase of the ColourMod products. On a business note, implementing a shopping cart solution instead of the previous “Click here and redirect to PayPal”, has almost tripled the conversion rate…nice.

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Aug 16 2006

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