Is it creepy for the grocery store clerk to make comments about what people buy?

So I’m at the grocery store this evening and the guy in front of me has 2 wonderful items he is buying…a cantaloupe and detergent…nothing else.

The clerk at the checkout, who eerily resembles Milton, candidly says something to the effect of “Gonna do some laundry and eat a cantaloupe, eh?” To which the customer just kinda looked at him and smirked.

This got me thinking, do you think it’s odd for people to make comments about what you’re buying? When is/isn’t it appropriate? If some depressed looking girl came to the counter with nothing but a pint of ice cream and the clerk asked if she was depressed…would that be too much?

I’m not some sort of privacy freak who thinks everybody should keep to themselves…but comments about stuff you’re buying seems a bit off.


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Aug 17 2006

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