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Doggy Hack: Use their real food

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Ashely and BaxterSo my wife and I got a sweet little pug named Baxter a few months back. We started him on puppy training at PetSmart a month or so ago and needless to say we probably fed Baxter 37 pounds of expensive doggy treats from PetSmart for training (I wonder if they promote treat-based training so you have to buy more treats there?). Obviously constantly buying “real” treats can add up…so what do we do? We use his regular food as treats. It’s like 1/10th of the cost of the real stuff and apparently he hasn’t caught on that it’s the same stuff we feed him bowl fulls of twice a day.

So if you’re in the middle of training your dog…try using their regular food. If it works then you’ve saved yourself quite a chunk of change.

Posted at 10:43PM by Josh in Pets and Lifehacking
Nov 27 2005