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Do you group your feeds?

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So I admin, I’m a bit of a feed whore. I’ve got some 150+ feeds that I subscribe to. I really, really love information. It’s just exciting to me to see all of this info coming in. Do I read all of it? Of course not. I skim and if a subject line catches my eye, then I move forward with it.

But the problem I’m been having lately is deciding if it makes sense to actually put all of these feeds into categories in my feed reader.

I’m a bit OCD when it comes to file organization, but I’m also practical. It seems a bit pointless to categorize them when I’m going to go through all the new articles anyways.

So right now I just have a big “All Feeds” folder in NewsFire.

What do you do? Do you organize your feeds? Any particular reason you do that?

Posted at 8:05PM by Josh in Technology and Usability
Feb 28 2007

Bandwagon Launches

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Bandwagon Logo

Late last night/early this morning, a killer new app for OS X launched.

Bandwagon is a way for Mac iTunes users to regularly backup their entire iTunes collection. But instead of backing up your files to an external drive at your home (which still stands the possibility of getting stolen or damaged), Bandwagon uses Amazon’s S3 web service to store all of your music.

On top of just having a cool service, they’ve got a great UI to handling all of this.

Bandwagon Menu

Yep, a simple menu bar icon provides pretty much all of the functionality you need.

There is also a great search utility for seeing what you’ve backed up as well as selective restoration.

Bandwagon Search

Right now they have introductory pricing of $69/year through the end of February. After that it will be $99/year. At the current price its around $0.18 per day. Not bad at all considering it keeps every last beat of music safe and sound.

Posted at 7:32AM by Josh in Technology
Feb 23 2007

Good thing I’m more responsible than cPanel

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Sweet goodness. I was logged in to the cPanel account of Tutorial Outpost setting up some database stuff for the next version of the site and through a small turn of events I mis-clicked inside the browser and accidentally clicked the “Delete” button next to the main database for Tutorial Outpost. No biggie right? They prompt you to make sure that you want to delete something major like a database. Ummm…NO THEY DON’T!

Yes, that’s correct. cPanel was kind enough to NOT prompt me to confirm if I wanted to delete my database. This is something I can’t even begin to fathom. Seriously…not only should they prompt me, they should ask for a password too. This is a major oversight in the software and if you use cPanel be very careful if you’re in the MySQL area.

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Jun 28 2006