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Business Goals for 2006

No one found this article interesting enough to chat about...

I always find it both interesting and useful to set goals for the year to come.
At any rate, here are some goals:

  1. Launch and turn a profit with Fugitive Toys
  2. Redesign/Rebrand The Apple Blog
  3. Redesign/Rebrand/Refocus/Relaunch Indie Riot
  4. Launch Mediajot and have 1,000 paying users
  5. Rely soley on Sabotage Media endeavors for income (as opposed to client work)

And there we have it. At this point it’s a fairly short list. None of these goals are really things that I could sit down and do in a day or even a week. They take time and dedication. And time, dedication, and a freaking ton of work are what will make these few goals so rewarding.

When setting goals, think both big and small. The goals I’ve mentioned are the large, overall goal. But also be sure to set small “sub-goals” if you will. For instance, on turning a profit with Fugitive Toys I’d set monthly sales goals. You get the idea.

Posted at 7:18PM by Josh in Business
Jan 3 2006