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A year in review

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A year ago in July of 2005 I married the woman of my dreams. We moved out to Denver, CO as a newly married couple fresh out of college with no jobs, no plans, and not knowing anybody. Within a matter of a couple of weeks we both had great jobs and were really settling in. I had the exact job at a fantastic interactive firm that I had always wanted and got that job within a couple of months (not years) after college. I was blessed to say the least.

But after working there for a mere 7 weeks I had become extremely unhappy with the job. The people I worked with were great and I got to work on some huge projects for major companies, but I hated it. Why did I hate it? Because I was working for someone else. Everything that was put out had to go through a total of about 10 people…10 opinionated people. When any project was finished it was rarely something I was proud of and really was hardly even my own work after all the revisions. Sure…that’s just the industry, but why did I have to put up with it? I ultimately made the decision to work on my own from home. And here we are, one year later, and I’m still alive.

The past year has proven to be one of the greatest years of my life. From a business perspective, going freelance was a fantastic decision. I doubled my “salary” while actually spending less time in the “office.” It has been very successful to say the least.

Was the decision to quit a “stable” job hard? Sure. I had a family to support and no real work lined up. But it turned out to be the right decision in every way.

Maybe you’re in the same spot I was a year ago and aren’t sure if you should give it a go. I’ll say this, it’s not for everyone. Working for yourself requires and truckload of discipline and perseverance. It can get a tad boring sitting in a room by yourself all day. But ultimately the payoffs really are great.

So if you’re thinking of taking that step, do some planning, weigh your options, and go for it!

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Nov 16 2006

90-Day Rule: Be Successful 90 Days From Now

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Glen at LifeDev just made a really encouraging post about Patti Brotherton’s 90-Day Rule.

Basically the theory is that whatever you do today really shows it’s effects 90 days from now. So say you ran a mile everyday. 90 days from when you start that, you’ll start seeing the effects.

A more relevant application is blogging. I’ll take me as the subject. My goal is to make atleast one blog post here on SpottedWalrus per day. The idea is that in 90 days I’ll start seeing more traffic, more comments, and ultimately just a more successful blog.

This theory can really be applied to anything though. So, I challenge you to put some effort in to something routinely and then in 90 days reflect on that. Chances are you’ll be better off than when you started.

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Nov 15 2006